Sculpture - Kaleidoscope Garden

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BBird2   BBird2

Brother Bird - Well known Kalamazoo artist Karla Wyss Tye (far right) helped dedicate her new bronze sculpture "Brother Bird" on July 31st, 2013 in the Leila Arboretum Kaleidoscope Garden in Battle Creek. Two anonymous donors funded this latest Garden addition. Shown, left to right, are Sandy Parks and Katy Avery of the Kaleidoscope Garden education staff and Maryjo Lemanski, owner of the Water Street Gallery in Douglas, Michigan, who assisted with sculpture sale and acquisition. Karla Wyss Tye is holding her (almost) two-year old grandson, Tao Tye.

500_16   736_2

Balloon - This half-scale replica of one of the first hot air balloons flown in Battle Creek towers over the garden flowers and beckons them upward. Constructed of painted fiberglass, it was a gift from Robert Kinsinger in 2002.

cg_68017   500_29

Cupola - Once sitting atop the historic Battle Creek Sanitarium Fieldstone Building, a Seventh Day Adventist institution built in 1900 and demolished in 1986, this magnificently restored cupola is both art and architecture and brings a special piece of our community's history to the Kaleidoscope Garden.

500_13   fork_spoon

Fork & Spoon - These large 'utensil' carvings out of Red Oak were created by the Arboretum's Executive Director, Brett Myers, in 2003. They are well suited to remind us that the food that nourishes us and even the way we eat it ultimately comes from the earth.

bench1   bench2

Children on Bench - A boy and girl on a bench reading a book, in bronze, ties in whimsically with the educational themes of the garden. A gift from Dick Jung in 2008 in memory of his wife, Annie.

Mary1   Mary2

Merry, Mary - This delightful bronze fountain continuously pours the water necessary for silver bells and cockle shells and making the garden grow. A gift from Ted and Kay Kurnat in 2002.

dog   500_38

Stray Dog - This over-sized and unique canine is perfectly at home in the garden. It is constructed of sticks and limbs over a wooden frame and stands guard near the entrance to the garden. Created by Joanna Lerner, it originally stood in front of Battle Creek Art Centre and came to the Kaleidoscope Garden in 2007.

Twins1   500_81

Twins with Garland - This lovely arching bronze piece encircles the walk with a garland of flowers between two young girls dancing. A gift from Dick Jung in 2008 in memory of his wife, Annie.


Guernsey Cow - This concrete cow in 'Guernsey brown' sits in the middle of the 'Cereal Bowl' to remind children of the source of this special breakfast nourishment atop their 'corn flakes.' It was installed in 2002.