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“There are so many different kinds of jobs to be done at the Leila Arboretum. Join us and get some dirty fingers!”

With a small staff, we are very dependent on the skill and goodwill of our volunteers in making community beautification and environmental education a reality in Battle Creek! We have all kinds of jobs at LAS! Together there are so many things we can accomplish!

Get involved in OAR (Operation Arboretum Renewal) and make a difference in our community. If you can remember what the Leila Arboretum was like before it was rescued in the early 1980's by volunteers, then we need you!

We need your help!
Call our office to find a special place in the Leila Arboretum and make your mark!

shape_square Call Katy Avery at (269) 969-0270 x 120

An Overview of Volunteer Opportunities at Leila Arboretum

accept Outdoor Gardeners - Leila Arboretum Society has a great many opportunities for people to volunteer their time gardening outdoors. Come and help the Society and your community by coming out and joining friends and neighbors in helping to make this area a place of lush and lustrous beauty! Here are our main opportunities. You do not have to be a Master Gardener to volunteer for LAS!

accept Leila Arboretum Display Gardens - annual plantings around the fountain areas are planted twice each year,once in late Spring and then in late Fall.

accept Kaleidoscope Garden - Gardeners will always be needed to help take care of an acre of plantings in the LAS Kaleidoscope Garden. This is a wonderful garden containing many small gardens of different themes.

accept Specialty Gardens - Throughout the community, there are wonderful examples of different kinds of gardens for those who wish to specialize. There are rose gardens, rock gardens, butterfly gardens, gardens of just annuals, native wild flowers, perennial gardens, Japanese gardens etc.

accept Business District Plantings - Communities seem more vibrant when their business districts come alive with plantings of annuals, bulbs and trees.
Note: the container plantings that you see in the downtown area are planted and maintained by Leila Arboretum.

accept Greenhouse Gardeners - The LAS Greenhouse offers many opportunities for learning also. Greenhouse gardening is different than gardening outdoors. Greenhouse gardeners learn the fine points of growing plants from seed in a controlled environment, grafting, transplanting, pruning at important intervals, and insect control. The LAS Greenhouse Gardeners go into a high production phase starting in mid-January to begin producing plants for the Arboretum, the Kaleidoscope Garden, various community locations and the Annual Plant Sale held in early May.

accept Garden and Greenhouse Guides - one of the newest volunteer assignments at LAS. Since the Kaleidoscope Garden opening in June of 2003,we have depended on trained volunteers to take people on tours around the Kaleidoscope Garden and do hands-on-activities with children. In this children's learning garden, we show kids how plants effect their everyday lives. There are so many fun and creative ways of educating children. We always concentrate on learning through fun!

accept Children - For most assignments all children are welcome. We encourage their involvement as positive outdoor experiences early on in a child's life tend to produce children who are more environmentally aware and more committed volunteers when they grow older. Their participation is our joy! We do ask that parents/guardians participate along with them in any volunteer activity until children are able to come on their own. This is a decision that can be made between parents, their children and the LAS staff member with whom they will be working.

accept Special Skills Volunteers - Like many non-profits, Leila doesn't have the funding to hire out some of the special tasks that we need done around here. It's always great to have volunteers who have skills that they are willing to contribute such as carpentry, electrical, mechanical and artistic skills.

accept Administrative Duties - filing, calling, assembling bulk mail - Most of the mailings that go out through LAS for the Volunteer and Education Departments are made possible by volunteer efforts. The tasks required are inserting, folding, labeling, sealing and organizing these mailings so we can get them out on a timely basis. This task is usually done in a team effort.